1. avatar JJ

    I'm looking a high gain amp.
    Combo or head & cab though nothing more than a 2X12 as I cant be arsed moving it about.

    I've got cash and I have a blackstar HT-5 I can part trade or if someone wants to buy it lemme know. Hasn't left the bedroom.

    I would like a peavey 6505 but I'm open to others
  2. avatar Korek
    Hi, Ive Blackstar Series One 200/20 Watts head and 2x12 1936 marshall cab, all in spot on condition.
    pm me if interesting.
  3. avatar loocasos
    I have bugera 6262 and harley benton vintage cab. All in mint condition. Asking around 300 £ for all if u intrested
  4. avatar JJ
    Thanks man but I'm not really a fan of Bugera