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    My first post!
    Hey folks!
    22, practice in bfast. Setting up a band and have tunes ready to go, needing someone who can create drum loops/ samples. I want a standard set up (guitar/vocals/bass) but instead replace drummer with someone who can manipulate drum loops and add samples. I want to take it live but atm we cud meet up and discuss ideas and even cook up some demos.

    Style wise its melodic psychedelic altern rock mixed with drum loops, modern beats and breakbeat samples. Similar to wat the band Jagwar ma are doing.
    Band wise influences are tame impala, jagwar ma, smashing pumpkins, stone roses happy Mondays Jimi Hendrix, beatles, loads more
    Drums wise open to anything but hiphop breakbeats, madchester indie dance beats etc seem to suit the job.
    here link to one of our demos https://soundcloud.com/jabroni-1

    ANYONE interested please gimme a shout at tonyconno@hotmail.com

    cheers :)
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