1. avatar Tribe.Belfast
    My first post!
    TRIBE 2013


    Our film collecting has been gradually gathering up and we would love to share what we are going to try and entertain you with. As well as b-side produced music videos, there are two live promotional films we have collected this year. Our recently played acoustic set at Sunflower Festival last weekend, as well as a full blown kit explosion with an improvised jam at Voodoo.
    I hope our rock can take away your Monday Daze Blues. Keep er lit! Give a smile for those damm Mondays.

    'The Monday Daze Blues' - TRIBE
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  2. avatar CookieMonster
    My first post!
    Worth checking out says me ....
  3. avatar Tribe.Belfast
    Thank you
  4. avatar CookieMonster
    No sweat man, you guys rock. You did't mention your EP on [url=http://www.reverbnation.com/tribemusicpage]www.reverbnation.com/tribemusicpage[/url] was available for a free download !!! Thanks for that, can never afford new band's EPs. Loved Mr Raincoat !!! And Spirit, fuck well done lads.
  5. avatar Tribe.Belfast
    Thought I may as well bump this for you late night Saturday night partakers. You'd probably appreciate it a bit more. We gig all the time so to find out when the next is or new songs ect best liking the [url=http://www.facebook.com/tribe.belfast]Tribe's Facebook [/url] and you'd find it all there. Not many comments apart from the cookie monster, thanks cookie. So, check dat shit out !
  6. avatar CookieMonster
    No sweat, all good. Thanks for the mention, peace.
  7. avatar CookieMonster
    Bumped for the Sunday chill ..... Gota check this !!!
  8. avatar Tribe.Belfast
    Cookie Monster you're a madman hahahaha thanks. TRIBE are playing by the way, on FRIDAY 25th OCTOBER at Voodoo if you wanna head down? It is Smoking Tongue's EP Launch too so it's going to be a blinder. Gak Tooth Grin will be releasing a six track EP! Also, The Jury Disagree and The Runaway Bears will be performing. Here is a link to the event if you want to share or whats needed

    Hopefully, see yas there
  9. avatar danbastard
    Sounds a lot like 'Cookie Monster' is in your band? At least your members are enthusiastic.

    [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=58493]Your text to link here...[/url]
  10. avatar ohmessylife
  11. avatar CookieMonster
    Busted hahahaah. Well, there goes my alias. Did you like the tunes? Or if you did, which one did you listen to? They crap? Or you gonna come see us live on Friday 25th October, Voodoo? ;)
  12. avatar danbastard
    Nah man I didn't check them out. And I won't be at the gig, sock-puppetry is a total deal breaker.
  13. avatar CookieMonster
    Thank fuk hahahaa I'd hate to know someone who calls them-self proud as, 'Danbastard'. I'm da fuking 'cookie monster' biach! Send your hate to another channel, this bout music promo I heard? http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7FDDC5F0C89D6031
  14. avatar Tribe.Belfast
    We'll keep him on a leash ;)
  15. avatar leesub60
    Fuck the leash, lock him under the stairs as far away from a computer as possible. He's an embarrasment to your band. Which is a shame as the band has actually improved from a shambling out of tune mess to something quite solid sounding.

    P.S for the love of christ burn that fucking didgeridoo.
  16. avatar Third-Degree
    Songs sound good lads!
  17. avatar danbastard
    Everybody wins then. Good day.
  18. avatar Tribe.Belfast
    Nah, sorry man. We wont burn the didgeridoo, kinda disrespectful. Also, can't really turn into Nuns so, lucks out on that one too but hope the music will do it for you.
  19. avatar Strong Reaction
    The fact you say nothing about what kind of music you play without me having to click the link to find out, and the shambolic puppetry of this thread has made me not give a crap.
  20. avatar leesub60
    they have a didgeridoo player and a song called 'spirit of the indians'. draw your own conclusions.
  21. avatar Strong Reaction
    Good to see someone raising awareness of the plight of the native indians here in Ulster.
  22. avatar Tribe.Belfast
    Thank you lol We all have a great interest in anthapology hence the awareness and the weird instruments. It is a current world problem of cultures being erases. So even though we have our own, we want to help. We are trying to raise awareness of other things as well with our music, use the platform for something worth while you know? Some projects we promote are shown sometimes on our [url=http://www.facebook.com/tribe.belfast]Facebook Page[/url] Tbh tried explaining the music but just left the link because it varies due to the intruments used. The live sets however we try and keep basic party/mosh pit rock. Been described as sounding like Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine and Kyuss if that helps? [url=http://www.youtube.com/tribemusicpage]Our YouTube page [/url] If you want a free download of our EP, recorded luckily by Simon Mateer, it can be found on [url=http://www.reverbnation.com/tribemusicpage]our Reverbnation account[/url] We hope, despite our amateur, self media promotion you hope you will check it out. You should enjoy it? We hope. Peace n Love to all fastfude messages. We do enjoy hearing your opinions, even the hateful ones. We got thick skin so let them out.
  23. avatar leesub60
    so it's not actually about the popular ulster showband The Indians?

  24. avatar BinaryOperator
    "anthapology" - The study of Spidekind. Not to be confused with "athropology" which is the study of Humankind.

    The IP addy overlaps on this page are highlarious.

    Jesus - Dreads, Digeridoos, Live "jams", Half formed ideologies and totally misplaced arrogance - are you me from 20 years ago? all you are missing is a world tour that consists solely of gigs in Giros & The Front Page & a geopolitical slogan T-shirt covered in hot rock burns. Halcyon days.
  25. avatar BinaryOperator
    I knew this "new local band" was familiar:

    2011 posts:




    Ok so what next...do we find out the digeridoo isn't even real? SAY IT AINT SO!
  26. avatar CookieMonster
    Afraid so, all been a big illusion ;) must have all been in our heads, madness.