1. avatar Bileofwood
    OK, this is probably bread and butter stuff.

    I am looking at getting a 1000w bass head, which runs 500w either side.

    It's a Hartke LH1000, FYI (I know that is overkill, but getting a good deal and can't find a LH500 for anything close to the same price)

    Now, the manual suggests a minimum cab capacity of 600w going into 4 ohms.

    So if I am looking at a 4 ohm cab that is quite straightforward. But there is a 2x10 cab on Gumtree which can take 500w at 8 ohms. Does the higher resistance mean that the power rating can go lower? Or would I break it to pieces?

    Also, this head having two outputs - I assume there is no issue with having just one of those outputs in use?

    Cheers peeps.
  2. avatar Boon
    Yeah you can run them, You will be limited though to adding other cabs. There is a whole science to it. It's not the cab I would be worried about it would be the head. Google it there are hundreds of websites.
  3. avatar Bileofwood
    I wouldn't know what to look for. I spent time googling it earlier and it just made my head spin.

    At this stage I would ideally have a 2x10 for most gigs and a larger one for backup if and when I needed it. not fussed about mixing them up.
  4. avatar Adam MD
    You should join thefretboard.co.uk it's where the refugees of the good ship Musicradar have setup a new home. Quite a few amp builders on there who can explain not only which cabs you can use but why. Highly recommended site.
  5. avatar herbyhandcock
    Higher ohmic rating will reduce the power of the head. Normally the manual will give the specification. There can be a minimum rating before damage to output stage of amplifier but some of the newer amps provide output protection etc. It maybe an option to reconfigure/rewire the 2x10 to give you 4ohm but careful not to exceed power rating.
  6. avatar Sadoldgit
    as a general rule of thumb , it is safe to connect a head that puts out at 4ohm to an 8 ohm cab

    You are very likely to overload and amp that puts out at 8 ohms if you connect to a 4 ohm cab.

    Depending on how the 4x10 is wired and what speakers it has, as state it may be possible to rewire it to be a 4 ohm cab

    I`d bet the speakers are 16 ohm a piece so all you need to do is swap some wires like this

  7. avatar machinehead
    A quick google turned up this:

    Dual Parallel Mode: 2 x 225 watts @ 8 ohms, 2 x 320 watts @ 4 ohms, 2 x 545 watts @ 2 ohms
    Bridge Mode: 1 x 750 watts @ 8 ohms, 1 x 1100 watts @ 4 ohms

    These are a decent amp for not a lot of cash. You can use the amp with a load of 2, 4 or 8 ohms and you can use just one output.

    If I were you I'd buy two cabs each rated at 8 ohms. Buy identical cabs - don't mix speaker sizes or manufacturers. Use one for small gigs, two for bigger gigs.

    Most amps are rated for 4 and 8 ohm cabs. The wattage output is reduced at 8 ohm as opposed to 4 ohms. I wouldn't worry as you won't hear much volume difference between say 225 watts and 320 watts. You need 10 times the wattage to double the perceived volume with the same speakers.

    Do your homework first or you'll end up buying shit cabs. Read this website for proper information on bass cabs.

  8. avatar peasandgravy
    do what machine head says....I have a LH500 and use 2 x 8ohm cabinets but
    if its a small room and a decent PA one cabinet is fine.

    the LH 1000 will give something like 600 watt into 1 x 8 ohm cabinet. when you
    add another 8 ohm cabinet, you get 1000 watt into 4 ohms.

    i use a 2x10" 400w cabinet and if its a big place i add a 1x15 300w cab and the room shakes.

    the LH1000 will make walls crumble ......LOL
  9. avatar Bileofwood
    Thanks guys.

    I decided not to go for the LH1000. Love the idea of it but gonna hold out for either an LH500 (giving me more smallish cab options) or something else altogether.

    Being that the bass is usually through a DI at most of our gigs I'm kinda wondering what the point of a decent pass amp is anyway. May as well get a really nice with Pre-Amp (like that Tonehammer advertised here) DI and just use any old crappy bass amp.
  10. avatar Recycled Alien
    I rewired a Hartke 4x10 as two pairs to take the outputs of my Ashdown 1000W 'Little Giant'. The speakers are 8 ohms, so two in parallel is 4 ohms.

    Complete waste of time -- I've used it once in two years, and DI would have been fine that time anyway.
  11. avatar machinehead

    If you can get an LH1000 for good money I would just buy it. It has a volume knob. Just turn it up as loud as you need. If you overdo it, you will hear the speakers making farting sounds and you just reduce the volume.

    It's better to have a more powerful amp than an underpowered amp.

    I couldn't and wouldn't ever play through the PA without a bass amp. Apart from not being able to hear yourself very well, you miss out on the good sounds coming from your amp/cabs. For me anyway, I enjoy playing through a great sounding rig. It just gives more enjoyment and maybe allows better playing - but maybe that's just me?

    Plus, for most pub gigs, my amp/cab is enough as a backline without going through the PA.
  12. avatar MiltonG565
    Bill - If you're going down the DI box route instead of the amp option now, take a look at the EBS bass preamp. It's a sweet piece of kit. The price of a new one, expect to pay around £200, I reckon.

    And I hear that some Behringer bass amps are really quite good for the money, although I wouldn't know, I've never used one before, but worth a try, especially if you aren't too worried about it being this or that.
  13. avatar peasandgravy
    i got a behringer 300w head in brilliant nick and has never let me down. if your interested gimme a shout. i can throw it
    down to dave savage for you to try.
  14. avatar Bileofwood
    Cheers Peas - ummm, yeah I know Davy, so you must know I know Davy, so do I know you?

    Anyway :)

    I need to devote some time to this actually. Basically I use a Blackstar DistX on my bass at maximum gain. When we play live and I end up using a normal DI box it sounds bloody atrocious, as one would expect.

    So I got this wee Behringer DI with a 4x12 emulated output option, and that has actually done the trick quite nicely although the bass can drop away quite badly if the EQ isn't optimized.

    One thing I am thinking about doing is getting a two channel pedal, like the Blackstar HT Dual, and having one channel for clean, one for dirty, and just use the emulated out on the pedal.

    I need a bass amp for gigs which the bass is either mic'ed up or standalone, but I also have to make sure that what is heard FOH for the remainder (which to be honest is the majority) is close to the sound I'm trying to create.

    I think this topic has strayed from the original title somewhat...
  15. avatar peasandgravy
    yes bill, davy plays bass for my band. he bought my 4x10 peavey cabinet as i used to play bass in
    the rockaholics. i believe we have met.
    anyway, i have a 300w head doing nothing as i use a LH500 now for the bass projects.
    it is a great wee amp and not expensive. this has been tried and tested and never let me down.
    i am not in a hurry to sell it as it lives under my desk and is handy for working songs out, but if you are interested
    i would let it go.
  16. avatar 5Lighters
    Hi, this is all interesting stuff, as the whole ohms and amps stuff goes over my head a bit.. I have a wee question that probably fits in this thread more than anywhere else:

    I have a Behringer BX4210a 2x10 bass combo. Simple question..can I run an extension cab off it, and if I can, what ohms does it have to be? (I was thinking a 1x15" ??)

    Power: 450 Watts @4 Ohms
    Line Out: 1 x 1/4" TS Phone, 100 Ohms, Unbalanced
    D.I. Input: 1 x 3-pin XLR, 100 Ohms, Balanced
    Loudspeaker: 2 x 1/4" TS Phone, 4 Ohm Load min., Unbalanced
    1 x Neutrik Speakon-Compatible
  17. avatar Bileofwood
    I think I'm ok for amps myself right now, but cheers.

    Going to test my Blackstar pedal emulated out using our PA and see if that'll work better than a big ol' amp.

    In the meantime I've just dusted down my old Marshall Basstate 65. It still works, which is pretty amazing.
  18. avatar peasandgravy
    5Lighters...you need a 8ohm cabinet

    the combo will be running at 8 ohms so only when you connect another 8 ohm cabinet
    will you get the full 450w @ 4 ohms
  19. avatar 5Lighters
    Cheers Peasandgravy (Davy G?)
    I take it I can use it via the Speakon connector?
  20. avatar peasandgravy
    yes....and yes!!