1. avatar Bileofwood
    This used to be about getting good bass gear. I've decided there is no such thing and I'm just gonna sort it out by using cheap shit.


    So anyway, I have this Krome 73, but I bought it for stage use. That's not gonna happen now so I've decided I could do with the weighted keys of the 88 version.

    I also have a spare stand and gig bag for the 73.

    I imagine this is a long shot, doubt anyone in the province even has a Krome 88, let alone one they wanna swap for a 73, but if so lemme know.

    Ignore all posts abelow about bass stuff.
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  2. avatar Strong Reaction
    What about a Westone Thunder 1A?
  3. avatar Bileofwood
    That piece of shit? I didn't sell it to you so you could sell it back to me.
  4. avatar Bileofwood
    This thread is now about swaps for other stuff.
  5. avatar Bileofwood
    optimistic bump