1. avatar CrissHall
    As the title says, just after a combo.
  2. avatar anty2
    Orange AD5?
  3. avatar CrissHall
    Bit small for my needs, after at least a 12 inch speaker.
  4. avatar Strativarius
    Have you got a cash price for this? Or is it for trade only?

  5. avatar Bileofwood
    I would be interested in taking the HTV212 from you, for cash.

    If so let me know and I will PM you an offer.
  6. avatar CrissHall
    Hadn't really thought about selling them. Wouldn't want to split them up unless i had buyers for both though. My only amp, so i don't really want to be left without one for any length of time. To sell them both i think i'd be after somewhere around £350.
  7. avatar CrissHall
    Bump. Make me an offer.
  8. avatar Strativarius
    I wouldn't split them, personally. Could be stuck with one. But like you said, if you had buyers for both, it'd be okay. I'm selling an amp tomorrow (or at least that what the buyer leads me to believe). If he takes it I'll make you an offer on both tomorrow night. By the way, how long have you had these? Condition? Thanks,
  9. avatar CrissHall
    Sounds good. About 2 years i think. Gigged a couple of times but i've taken pretty good care of them. No tears in the tolex or anything. I bought them new and have never changed the valves, but they're still going strong. Great condition overall, bar being a little dusting but i'll give them a clean.
  10. avatar CrissHall
  11. avatar CrissHall
    Bump, will trade for drum kit.
  12. avatar skynyrd66
    hey man, i have an ashton viper30 combo, all valve, upgraded with an iminence maverick speaker and a brand new set of cryo tubes to go in it if that might take your fancy?
  13. avatar CrissHall
    After something a little lower wattage.
  14. avatar CrissHall
    Alternatively i will sell for somewhere around £300. Make me an offer.
  15. avatar CrissHall