1. avatar anty2
  2. avatar Chuffola
    I have a mint Fender Superchamp X2.

    15w, 2x6V6, 1x12ax7. Great amp - channel one is standard Fender blackface tone and takes pedals well.

    Might not be what you're after but it's on Gumtree Belfast at £200, just dropped from £220.
  3. avatar anty2
    Just looking something I can practice & do small gigs with. Does it have a speaker output?
  4. avatar Chuffola
    Perfect for both (although I would say that, wouldn't I?)

    External speaker out to a cab will give you serious grunt, perfect if you want a nice Fender clean base for pedals. Channel 2 voicings will give you other options. Great inbuilt reverb and tremolo (dsp) and some other fx if you want them.

    There are loads of reviews on the Internet - a few links below



    Technical specs here http://www.fender.com/series/vintage-modified/super-champ-x2-120v/

    Should be plenty of youtube stuff too.

    Great amp. Just more than I need for the living room - only reason I'm selling is to fund a wee Yamaha THR or a Pod HD Desktop.
  5. avatar thecomeons_2
    laney lc15r for £120. ballymoney-based