1. avatar Strativarius
    Anyone selling a HT-5? Preferably a HT-5R Combo.

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  2. avatar Strativarius
  3. avatar Strativarius
  4. avatar Balathor
    My first post!
    I have a Blackstar HT 5 combo that has barely been used since I got it. Still have the box and footswitch. Call or text me on 07725176497 if you are interested.
  5. avatar machinehead
    These HT5 combos are great for home or small gig use.

    I have one in the Artisan livery but it's not for sale.

    Good luck in your search.
  6. avatar Strativarius
    Balathor - I'll drop you a PM about it here now. Thanks.

    machinehead - Thanks. I heard a few and I like them. I just want it for home use anyways. I'm just in the process of collecting a few little valve amps for the house. I have a Marshall Class 5, an Orange AD5, I want a little HT-5R and a Champ clone and hopefully that'll be me happy.