1. avatar aplacetogo
    My first post!
    trying to get a band together.
    My influences are wide ranging,shoegaze, punk, noise, song people,experimental stuff.
    Favourite bands/ people nick drake, syd barrett, butthole surfers, swell maps, iggy pop and the stooges, suicide, can, nue!, captian beefheart, deerhunter etc etc
    I have no desire to sound like my influences.

    I have loads of demos and material to use

    message me if interested and I'll send ya some demos etc.
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    also like iggy and the stooges .
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  5. avatar aplacetogo
    hit me wif yer funkay drummin
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  8. avatar aplacetogo
    any synthesists out there as well? still need a drummer.
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  11. avatar CrissHall
    Where are you based?
  12. avatar jbomber10k
    hey i posted on fastfude earlier this month looking for band folk. i saw your post after you followed my soundcloud. i see you're looking for a drummer, i am looking to drum as the band i just drummed for has broken up. can i say drum any more times? if you still need a drummer i am interested, i listened to your demos and they're right up my alley. drum.
  13. avatar aplacetogo
    nice one man ill pm ya details:) drum
  14. avatar aplacetogo
    pmed ya doode
  15. avatar shampoo_planet
    My first post!
    I'm a shit guitarist, stuck back in Belfast for the next year, who misses playing live music.

    What I lack in talent, I make up for with enthusiasm. And gear. I actually own a guitar. And an amp. How cool is that? I think I might even have a pedal lying around somewhere.

    I also like your choice in influences. Particularly the shoegaze and post punk stuff.
  16. avatar jbomber10k
    hey I pm'd you
  17. avatar jbomber10k
    hey I pm'd you
  18. avatar aplacetogo
    still looking for a second guitarist or synth/ keyboard player
  19. avatar aplacetogo
    ps based in belfast
  20. avatar shampoo_planet
  21. avatar aplacetogo
    but you said you where a shit guitarist
  22. avatar shampoo_planet
    I see now that the sarcasm in that post was missed.

    I think I'm a shitty guitarist, but some may disagree. I do know over four chords, and reality you only need three.
  23. avatar aplacetogo
    quite alot of guitarists have shown interest, but really really need a drummer to build around, any drummers out thereeeeeeeee???
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    forest gump
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    [url=http://youtu.be/8QLL2j8ZtxE]Your text to link here...[/url]

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