1. avatar gub
    yeah simple as that.

    we don't suffer from sexism, ageism or STDs (as far as we know), although I suppose a girl who can also manage vocals would be our preference....
  2. avatar Tomsthumb
    can we hear a demo?
  3. avatar gub
    no problemo T
    here's something we prepared earlier...

  4. avatar gub
    these songs were cut in the studio a couple of years ago, only tracks 3, 4, & 5 still in the set (sometimes!)

  5. avatar gub
    And here's a vid!!

  6. avatar Leonidas
    Hey guys

    Pete here . I played for you a short while before Gary's accident. I loved the songs. Only left when you had the layoff.

    I still have all my notes and would hope to be a quick study to fit in again.

    Happy to audition

    I left a message for Andy but maybe he is still on night shift. I live Bangor but happy to travel within reason.

    If there is a chance phone this old man on 07711 953 542 or email me at peter_sangster@btinternet.com.


  7. avatar nuttskull
    My first post!
    I im 18 and play in some classic death metal punk shit. I would be up for good thrashin!
  8. avatar roryb
    Txt me i could prob do i 07516467254
  9. avatar gub
    everyone considered!