1. avatar The Utopians

    Since we're playing on Friday 7th October at the Menagerie as part of the Holylands Arts Festival I thought I'd better pull the finger out and give you more new tracks from the still forthcoming 'Britain's Biggest Killer' album with which to revise (especially you EPK if yer doin our sound;-)

    The first one is called "The Utopians", yes, "The Utopians", like "Heroes", and it explains why we changed our name from The Uterus Women.
    That's Andy Simpson on triangle, and me on mellotron...

    The second one is called 'To Betray Her' and is quite frankly more miserable than Throbbing Gristle @ Joy Division's cat's funeral. Or sthg.

    The third is a viscous/viscious attack on The Kings of Leon & indeed the guy from Jet's parent's red setter, and all other cock-rock beachcombers, and its called SPUNKROCK. It features m'pal Kat on riotgrrl drums- RAWK!!!

    "The Utopians":

    "To Betray Her":


    While I'm here, here are the other tracks from the forthcoming album available for download...

    "Piece Of Me":
    (guest vocals from Jamie Manners!)

    "Stamp It Out!":

    "Pack Animals":

    "Cut With A Kitchen Knife":

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  2. avatar Art Groupie
    Two more absolute crackers.
    Is the opening of " 'The Utopians' " an homage to The Vichy Government?
  3. avatar The Utopians
    Not knowingly, no, although I see what you mean...
    ...of course you'll be able to see us duet with Jamie from the Vichy's on 'Piece Of Me' if you come to the Menagerie next Friday the 7th Oct;-)
  4. avatar palrub
    I'll be there
  5. avatar PaulMAK
    Some of this is good... reminds me of the new Clor album. What kind of synths do you use?

    Paul MAKs

  6. avatar The Utopians
    On this stuff I've been using my Sequential Circuits Pro-One and a wee Korg Micro-Preset analogue synth from 1977 that I rescued off ebay. I've also made some use of Reason's Subtractor & Malstrom softsynths (especially on 'To Betray Her'). Most of the keyboard sounds come from Mellotron and Chamberlin samples, though.
  7. avatar BohemianBaller
    Really likin' it. Nice one. It's not often you want to dance and kill people at the same time. Very fresh too - sounds of the concrete apocalypse we find ourselves in. Peace.
  8. avatar The Utopians
    Or, it's not often you want to dance and kill yourself at the same time.
  9. avatar The Utopians
    Just added another mp3 to the list at the top there- this is the last preview from the album before it's, as it were, "released", and it's called SPUNKROCK.
    Do not listen to this song if you work for the RSPCA/PDSA please.

  10. avatar tenrabbits
    Good stuff. I notice that the end of cut with a kitchen knife bears a striking resemblance to the end of the Airwolf theme tune. Whether it's intentional or just my love for big shiny helicopters coming thru - good work there!
  11. avatar The Utopians
    I dunno about that but the start of To Betray Her is directly influenced by the theme tune to Knightrider, one of the best TV programmes ever...