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    Three new reviews from me: [url=/review.php?id=625]Skruff[/url], [url=/review.php?id=626]Ricky Graham[/url], and [url=/review.php?id=627]The Wrecks[/url]
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    Kind words.

    Cheers EPK,

    [color=red:8c374a8acb]THE WRECKS[/color:8c374a8acb]

    thewrecks-music.co.uk (NOT UP JUST YET)


    Check out three of the tunes reviewed on the link below and if you're interested in a copy contact Mike on the address above.

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    [url=/review.php?id=652]Khanate + Scald + Slomatics[/url], Bunker

    [url=/review.php?id=650]Coda[/url], Limelight

    [url=/review.php?id=651]WAK + Rivals + Red Sirus + Invinyl[/url], Empire

    Various views on the week's rock action...
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    [url=/review.php?id=659]THE DANGERFIELDS (NI) | "BORN TO ROCK"[/url]

    [url=/review.php?id=658]INVOLUTION (NI) | "THE PATH TO RUIN" DEMO[/url]
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    That's as cogent a statement of where The Dangerfields have come from, got to and might be going as I've read. Excellent stuff.

    "this fantastic album...represents the band flattening any lingering assumptions as to their worth. This is absolutely essential listening, plain and simple. How wonderful it must be to refute a local scene that just didn't get it for so long, this rag included, and with 'Born To Rock' they have literally came in our faces. Buy or die."

    ...and sums it

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    These reviews, and many others (some 587 in all), are once again online, having been lost in the Fastfude dungeons for some years.

    The full list is at [url]/reviews.php[/url]