1. avatar cg101
    Lead/Rhythm Guitar Player Seeks Band for Full Time Gig

    I am a rhythm/lead guitar player currently in need of a new band to play with.

    I play many styles but would prefer indie/melodic rock or something with a 60s feel.

    I would like a full time gig and am perfectly happy to travel and devote as much time as needed.
    I am devoted and professional and have a full backline of pro equipment.

    I am currently 24 so I would like to join a band in their 20s if possible.

    Feel free to contact for info or demo recordings.
  2. avatar JackOfBlades
    By any chance would you be willing to play metal, Trivium, Pantera, Lamb of God etc?
  3. avatar Lennon
    My first post!
    Alight bud whats your email address, we might be interested. Fully committed band all in their mid 20's with plenty of experience. Gig's and studio lined up. Influences range from The Beatles, The Smiths, Stones, kinks, arctic monkeys, + loads more. Indie rock with a 60's twist is right down our street. We play all original material with influences from across the board.

    Do you have any links to stuff you've done before??? we have loads of recordings and a few videos. I can send you the links through an e-mail. We are also based in Belfast.

  4. avatar cathalgorman
    Hey man hows it goin? ive a pretty much new band on the go atm and we are currently looking for another guitar player. Play indie/blues/rock/melodic with a few pop covers which are pretty humurous. we are all round ur age so would be no problem if your interested give me a phone call on this number 07522453638