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    My first post!
    hi,i have this little valve amp in the studio,bought it for recordings,used once.i wouls swap for your vox.A New RAT Modified 'Biyang VT-10' All Valve, 5/10 Watt, 2 Channel, Guitar Amplifier Combo.

    This Amp has Been -

    'RAT' Hot-Rodded

    Features - 3x Valves (2x 12AX7 and 1x EL34) - Solid Build Quality, All Steel Chassis. The Top Control Panel features Guitar Input, Footswitch Socket - Channel Switch (Clean and Drive) with Red/Green LED Indicator, Clean Volume, Drive Volume and Gain, Treble, Middle and Bass Controls, Half Power (Triode/Pentode) Switch, Headphone and Line-Out Sockets, Power Switch (3 Position - 'Off/Standby/On') and RED (Jewel Style) Pilot Light. The Lower Rear Panel has an Internal/External 8 Ohm Speaker Output.

    The Cabinet has a Celestion 'G10N-40' Speaker fitted - and is covered in Black Tolex, has Metal Corners and a Vintage style Carry Handle.

    The Amp Audio Path is ALL Valve, 5 Watts RMS (10 Watts Peak Power), Class 'A', Single Ended, Cathode Bias (Auto-Bias) using 2x '12AX7' Preamps and an 'EL34' Power Valve.

    Two Channel - 'Clean' and 'Drive' - Selected with a Switch on the Control Panel -or- Footswitch.

    The Amp gives a very Nice 'Clean' Sound and when Switched to the 'Drive' Channel turns into a Screamer. It's a Great little 5/10 Watt Bedroom Amp. Metal Footswitch with 12 Foot Lead and RED LED 'On' Indicator Included.

    Size - 41w x 36h x 22d - Weight 12.5kg.
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    Sounds like a great wee amp but not sure it's for me. Appreciate the offer though.
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    Bump. Really just looking for something smaller for the living room - I have a HRD for when I want to get loud.

    Roland Cube, Vibrochamp, ideally something with reverb and 10inch speaker.

    Or make me an offer. £150 is a steal for the Vox with pedal. Boxed and manual. Nice amp but too big for what I need.
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    Dropped to £140. Foot pedal no longer here having been eaten by my dog today, the little fecker!

    Well, it is here, but the cable has been chewed through. Probably easily remedied and buyer can have it if they wish!
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    Right. Last chance. £120. Bargain. Seriously.