1. avatar CdlC
    New Belfast project seeks female vocalist, aswell as a male/ female/ transgender bassist and guitarist - Not picky.
    Ultimately setting out to do something new, compared to everything else springing up locally, while pulling influence from Garbage, Massive Attack, Bjork, Queen Adreena, Alice In Chains and Deftones.
    Quite melodic, while brutal in places; Seasoned with a dash of Electronica.
    Place in an oven of ambience; Allow to bake until lush.

    Planning on pulling in all my favours I've gathered over the years, across the land and beyond the sea, so expect extensive gigging during concentrated periods, aswell as sporadic shows here and there for special events - Otherwise most of the work will be put into the studio process, and we'll change our methods according to how well we're received.

    Age-Range would be preferably 20-30, but of course exceptions will be made.

    Interested? Fire over a PM and we'll get this rolling.
  2. avatar CallMeKatya
  3. avatar microwaveman
    I'm really interested in this as I like your influences, though I'm having some trouble sending private messages. Can you give me and alternative form of contact.