1. avatar chops9012
    Who here can recommend a decent reverb pedal?

    im looking for a decent priced budget model

    but i dont want it to screw my sound

    its to go into my pedalboard through my lovely wee white vox ac4

  2. avatar simonoun
    The Biyang Baby Boom RV-10 is a great wee pedal. costs around £50. It's very basic in that it doesn't do an awful lot but what it does do it does very very well
  3. avatar Bileofwood
    How budget? Is this out of your price range?

  4. avatar NSF35
    I've the Biyang baby boom RV-10 as well it's a brilliant wee pedal sounds great too with my Vox.
  5. avatar Sadoldgit

    one of the best
  6. avatar iain
    Probably completely out of your budget, but these two pedals blow everything else out of the water

  7. avatar chops9012
    cheers for the suggestions lads

    i'll take a look at the biyang i think, anywhere local do them?
  8. avatar NSF35
    Just sent you a pm chops.