1. avatar pauldoherty
    Hi all,

    Have some gigs coming up as well as a big release in the coming weeks. Need a bass player to complete line-up asap. Would really need to have gigging / recording experience as well as own gear (you would be suprised...). Rehearsal is once per week just, in Belfast.

    Have a listen, watch and read all about us here: http://www.thevals.co.uk

    Email: thevals@live.co.uk


  2. avatar tycobb
    My first post!
    Hi Paul, am a Bassist, would be very intrested in joining you guys. Actually
    played on the same bill as you's a few years ago. Would be happy to come down
    for a rehearsal, let me know. Cheers
  3. avatar Peefs
    My first post!
    Hi...are you guys still looking a bass player?
  4. avatar pauldoherty
    No mate sorry, sorted :-)