1. avatar Michael82FFL
    Located minutes away at Blackstaff mill, Springfield rd. Audio Kitchen offers
    a neat rehearsal space.

    Open from 9am - 10pm 7 days a week.

    We offer 3, 4 and 5 hour rehearsal slots at competitive prices

    equipment available consists of:

    3 guitar amps (fender, behringer, laney)
    2 bass amps (Harley Benton, Gallien-krueger)
    Pearl drum kit with mapex hardware. (drummer required to bring cymbals)
    Mackie power mixer with 15" behringer speakers.

    We also offer rehearsal recording.

    Contact us trough facebook.com/audiokitchenbelfast
    or direct with number provided for more information on prices

    Michael: 07921212221
  2. avatar SUPERNOVA
    My band always usethis room and always get a great sound/vibe from it. The gear is brand new and always being updated. Can rent the gear for gigs for a good price and the guy who runs it is sound as a pound. Great little practice room with HEATERS!! :)

  3. avatar Michael82FFL
    Still got afternoon slots available. (bump)
  4. avatar Michael82FFL
    Bump for new/old band wagon

    check it out at facebook page
  5. avatar FlashII
    Dance like you got bumped on the rump