1. avatar Strong Reaction

    I know people mention Tony Hamilton regarding fixing amps, does anyone have any other recommendations regarding Solid State amp repairs? Also, does anyone know where would change a speaker for me, and would I have to order it in and bring it down with the cabinet? If so any recommendations of where to order from?

    I have an H/H VS-100 bass head and a 1x15 Trace bass cab in need of refurbishment.

  2. avatar peasandgravy
    swaping a speaker is easy. i did my own 2x10 last year. just be sure you match the ohm rating on the one you buy to the
    one you are replacing. then draw a diagram of what wires go where, then take one out and put a new one in. usually no need for
    solder these days as its all spade connections.

    if you have difficulty i will help you. i m in belfast.