1. avatar yopetheboi
    Our drummer had just left us before our first jam as a whole band tommorrow including Vocals, accordion, guitar, bass, drums and whistle.
    wondering if anyone whos into the pogues, dropkicks etc would be interested in jamming in blackstaff tomo (27th) at 7pm.
    I know its a long shot but thot id give it a try.
    Anyone welcome- we do a bunch of pogues and dropkicks covers.
    If anyone has the slightest interest please dont hesitate to get in contact- pm me!

    Much appreciated!
  2. avatar yopetheboi
    woops i meant 24th i.e tommorrow
  3. avatar yopetheboi
    woops i meant the 24th i.e tommorrow
  4. avatar franticduck13
    You get yourself a drummer yet?
  5. avatar yopetheboi
  6. avatar yopetheboi
  7. avatar yopetheboi
    pm'd again lol