1. avatar simonoun
    Any body selling a semi-decent pair?

    They will be used for home recording and for enjoying vinyl.

  2. avatar kinta1
    iv got a set of gale passive monitors .never used. lookin £50 ono.
  3. avatar simonoun
    Cool can you give me a bit more info on them? Maybe a wee link to them? Cheers
  4. avatar simonmog
    Hi I'm selling a pair of Tapco S5 active monitors made by Mackie.
    Great condition, a couple of little scuffs but they've never been driven hard and come from a smoke free home. Amazing sound for their size.
    Looking £150

    SOS review


  5. avatar simonoun
    would love to take up your offer on the s5's, simonmog but don't have that kind of cash to spare at the moment.

    The gale one's have good reviews but would a simple turntable preamp be suitable to power them?

    newbie here...