1. avatar SgtPepper
    [url=http://www.facebook.com/events/480312612010705/]FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE[/url]

    Friday 15th Feb

    Auntie Annies

    The Sass
    The Twenty
    Evolution of Dog

    live music going until 12am followed by 2 hours of the finest brit pop mod tuneage known to man.

    Click the event page ^^^^^^^^^^^top of page^^^^^^^^^^^^
    And Spread the
  2. avatar chris_theremedy
    Youse looking any more support acts? Got a band influenced by britpop indie and ska if youre interested
  3. avatar SgtPepper
    Sorry bud not this time we're looking to just have 3 bands so we can a couple of hours of music after the gig. If you get in touch with our FB page we can prob get something sorted out in the future. Cheers bud
  4. avatar chris_theremedy
    Will do mate cheers!
  5. avatar SgtPepper
    get joining the facebook page :D
  6. avatar SgtPepper
  7. avatar SgtPepper
    The Liquor Lotto poll is live get voting

    Box of Harp 'Its our thing'

    Box of Vino

    Captain Morgans