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    JamLive Studios Blackstaff has 8 fully equipped rehearsal rooms located at the Blackstaff Commercial complex on the Springfield Road ( just a few minutes drive from Belfast city centre and close to M1 M2 and the Westlink check us out at [url=http://www.jamlivestudios.co.uk]JamLive Studios Blackstaff[/url]

    Call Johnny on 07933044029
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    Slots available this weekend. Deals for block bookings. Staff on site to look after all your needs. New large fully equipped rehearsal room opening this weekend offering even more availability.

    Call 07933044029 for bookings
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    JamLive Large Events Studio opening in mid March. Gigs, video shoots and rehearsals.

    10 Fully Equipped Rehearsal rooms + Electronic repair service + Equipment Storage + Demo Studio + Great Monthly Deals.
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    Slots available Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and plenty of weekend slots available this week.
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    If there are any bands who would like a 6 hour slot on Sundays at JamLive between 9am-9pm for £100 per month in Studio A or Studio C please get in contact with Johnny 07933044029.

    What you get is:

    4 weekly 6 hour slots in a fully equipped studio. Full backline and P.A. Cabs and heads available. Snare and cymbals
    Kettle and microwave. Staff on site to help with any problems without delay.