1. avatar Swirlywurly
    One of my all-time favourite bands but they seem to be an underground interest. Discuss.
  2. avatar MrSingerMan
    Amazing band and huge at the time of 'shake your money maker' but seems that was 'it' the other albums didnt quite live up to the standard. Though loads if gems in there! Worked close with jimmy page and i believe prefered the u.s so maybe their lack of world exposure made them more 'underground' if you will. Though id wager many people know hard to handle pretty well.
  3. avatar unleashedjohn
    Go back to Marc Ford's roots and dig out the Burning Tree album - simply one of the best guitar albums around - not a widdle fest but pure tone and 12 great songs to boot. Think a more focused Hendrix meets Cream and you get the jist.
  4. avatar napolitan dentamic
    I'm a bit of a fan myself. saw them a few times over recent years just before the 'break'. Few bands these days could rival their ability to just jam a song out. Def more of an underground thing in the UK, but quite popular all over Europe although I saw them in the states once at a county fair where one of the locals asked me who the band where.

    Album wise in my opinion their recommended listening would be Amorica (1994), Warpaint (2008) and any of their live albums. their webpage sells a lot of live recordings that arent released as albums.

    For me, they always tried to keep the live aspect the centre point of their career and had a relaxed recording policy when it came to gigs. They were well outside the music business machine and god bless them for it.
  5. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    Mega fan here. One of the greats, undoubtedly - and the fact they have that "underground" appeal makes it even better. Mind you, I'd love to be as "underground" as they are...I once saw them headline Madison Square Gardens on New Year's Eve! Have also seen them in Barelona and various times in London as well as all their Irish shows. One of the few bands who completely vary their setlists from night to night.

    I love all their albums, though they are quite varied - if you like the full on rock'n'roll of their debut, then "By Yor Side" is in the same vein. Southern Harmony and Musical Companion is fabulous, and their most critically lauded effort. 3 Snakes and One Charm is a favourite of mine too.

    Funnily enough, I'm sitting here listening to the Chris Robinson Brotherhood - the singer's "other" band. They're wonderful too.

    Another thing about the Crowes - when grunge arrived in the early 90s, and bands started to jump on the bandwagon, changing their sounds & images drasically....TBC were absolutley the [i:b94125cf45]only[/i:b94125cf45] band to grow their hair *longer* :lol:
  6. avatar Swirlywurly
    I couldn't have said it better Phil - it seems we not only share a surname but also excellent taste in jam bands! I pretty much love everything thing they've done and have an increasing number of side-projects in the collection too - I'm particularly fond of Marc Ford's solo effort Weary and Wired which I believe he recorded with his mates from Burning Tree. Must check out some of the earlier stuff as recommended by unleashedjohn.

    I often wonder why they aren't one of the biggest bands in the world - but I guess it's better that way so I can see them in places like the Paradiso in Amsterdam and then bump into Steve Gorman in the street after!

    I'm off to see them again in March in London and can't wait. Keep spreading the word fans - the music world needs more bands like this who are only in it for the music, with no interest in trends or industry bullshit.

    I'm off to wear out my copy of Southern Harmony a bit more!
  7. avatar napolitan dentamic
    Just booked my tickets for Birmingham. Cheers for the heads up.

    Roll on the show!
  8. avatar outlandstudios
    Luther Dickinson is one of my favourite current guitarists.

    To a lesser extent for his work with Black Crowes, but since he joined them I've definitely been giving them much more of my listening time. Rock solid band for sure.
  9. avatar unleashedjohn
    @Swirlywurly - Weary & Wired is indeed with his Burning Tree mates - something I was delighted to see but for me didn't sound like Burning Tree at all - but then it was labelled as a Marc Ford solo album. It's still a good album but just doesn't have that fire and passion that hooked me straight in with the Burning Tree album - highlight of the summer of 1990 for me and still probably my overall favourite album of all time - despite all those Sabbath and Rush albums crying out for the same honour!
  10. avatar unleashedjohn
    Oh yes.