1. avatar SUPERNOVA
    My custom fender needs some attention. Intunation is way off, neck is slightly bent and the jack goes every other week. This guitar was given to me for sweet fa, its not worth much so dont wanna spend too much on it. Anyone know where i could get all this sorted? Wouldnt want to pay more than 50 or 60 quid. Cheers
  2. avatar trickp.a.
    i could sort it for ye

    email patrick.okane@live.co.uk
  3. avatar bobikus
    Vincent in Maghera, Contact Danny ottersons there, hes a guitar wizard
  4. avatar MoJo
    I can do it easliy enough - check my site www.mojo-guitars.com for more info or use the Contact form on the site to email or call me.