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    My first post!
    Hi there, I have been a musician in a successful band now for around 4 years. I have worked with many artists in the industry and am now starting up a new band as a side project. This project is going to be all about visual art and dark droney sounds. It will be along the lines of Crystal Castles - Gameboy glitches, dark bass, 80's synths, melodic and distorted vocals. I am also a producer and vocalist so I am looking to add a female to the band. I cannot give away the band name as of yet as this project is going to be kept secret for a while until the E.P is complete then the name will be revealed.

    Image is VERY important im looking for a specific female to join the band and as I say must fit the image of the band or be able to adjust to fit into the band.

    Dont worry if you dont have the best Vocals its not overly important as it will mainly be distorted effects used.

    If you think you fit the bill then please message me on here and we can get chatting and I can give you more details on the project.

    It is preferred that you do not have any other commitments atm/ other bands etc.. But message me sure and well see how things go.

    email: lastplace101@outlook.com