1. avatar theouroboros
    Something more compact would be good rather than one of those behemoths with all the bells and whistles. Don't need faders/knobs just good action and solid feel.

    Email me at adam.mccausland@yahoo.co.uk

  2. avatar dertydevil
    ive a yamaha p-300 stage piano(fully weighted) that in new condition,its been play twice,it was originally over 2 grand,im selling for £400,the action is like new
  3. avatar Back Issues
    Is it for gigging or studio work?

    I've a Samick with a proper professional piano keybed. It has sparse controls, just volume and tempo sliders (for controlling sequencer speeds), pitch bend and modulation wheels, 3 midi outs (one dedicated to sequencer control), 8 velocity curve controls, split keyboard (upper/lower), transpose, aftertouch, patch change buttons and just a few others. One problem - its built like a tank. I have it in a Gator case with rollers and it still weighs a ton to carry about. Much more suited to static use, ie studio, residency. But will never let you down.

    I also have a Fatar Studiologic SL-2001, which is more of a midi patch bay with a keyboard added on - 88 weighted keys (not a patch on the Samick keybed though), 4 midid in, 4 midi out, zone control (assign midi in and out channels to areas of the keyboard), midi message delay (delay how long until a key press message is sent, for example), transpose, velocity, poly/mono (assignable per zone), note filtering (assignable per zone), volume control per output, chord setting (assign a chord to a key) and a load more. Great for setting up an entire show at the touch of a button but needs a lot of initial work to understand what does what and how to do it. Very suited to live work and rehearals.
  4. avatar theouroboros
    thanks for the replies.

    that studiologic might do the job for me BI. Its just for studio use though. How much would you be looking for either of those?
  5. avatar Back Issues
  6. avatar theouroboros
    Good stuff, can you give me a shout at adam.mccausland@yahoo.co.uk with yer number?
  7. avatar Back Issues
    Will do mate but they're both in our lockup at the minute and I'll be away to Friday next week. After that do ya?
  8. avatar theouroboros
    No sweat t'all cheers