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    My wee lad is 12 and has been playing for about 6 years now. Last year he bought himself a Pod 2 and a Vox ADT30 (I think thats the model)and he has some serious guitars. At Christmas past he got a Fender Sonoran SCE electro-acoustic to add to his collection and he's playing his first live gig at his school open day this weekend. Fair play to him etc.

    Now he's saved a bit of money and wants to buy a foot controller for the pod. He's narrowed it down to either a Line 6 Floorboard or Behringer FCB1010. The Behringer's midi, the Line 6 isn't. The Behringer has dedicated pc programming software, the Pod hasn't (as far as he's aware it only has Line 6 Monkey, whatever that is).

    So some advice is required from the people who know, or think they know, best. Which of the two, in your opinion, should he go for and why?