1. avatar DamianHigginsMusic
    My first post!
    Drummer, guitarist, bassist needed for recording an EP/album and gigging. Album would be all original material, gigging a mixture of covers and originals. Influences Zeppelin, Hendrix, RHCP, Pearl Jam, FNM, Killers plus blues, soul, bluegrass n powergroovin. You can check out some o my stuff on www.reverbnation.com/damianhiggins. I've written much of the album already, lookin to flesh it out and get into the studio soon. I'm 34 but don't care too much what age u are. If you can sing that's a bonus and other musicians (e.g. keyboardist) will probably be needed so feel free to send your details. Based in Belfast. Look forward to hearin from ya, D
  2. avatar SickSquid
    Mailed ye
  3. avatar trickp.a.
    mailed ye a while back
  4. avatar DamianHigginsMusic
    trickp.a., i didn't get ur message if you wanna try again, cheers
  5. avatar trickp.a.
    sack it. email me