1. avatar Estrella Ojos
    Want to increase your range? Do you get a sore throat after singing? Or do you want to add more style and power to your singing or speaking voice?

    Here's what I can offer:
    **a vocal health review- see how you've been using your voice & help you start using healthier technique, for example warm ups, vocal exercises, etc etc!
    **help in strengthening all parts of the range, including the shaky middle bit & high/falsetto notes
    **teach you how to scream without hurting yourself
    **add more expression & dynamic control to your voice

    I've worked with a number of singers from local bands & have been teaching for 7 years privately and on Queen's Performance Workshop. I can help you reach your goals as a singer without losing the character of your voice. I was featured on Radio 1 as Belfast's best rock & pop voice teacher to talk about how to keep your voice healthy and powerful and don't lose anything as far as style. My background is in voice anatomy and I've completed grades for singing. I've performed jazz, punk, prog, Latin folk, choral, musical theater, alt folk, gospel, and free improv.

    I teach from Blick Studios in Belfast and from my home in Dunmurry.

    Email me at hellomyuglies@gmail.com.