1. avatar ThePenguin
    Bought new way back in early nineties (from Marcus).
    Hardly used, due to my inability to play keyboards.

    I really haven't much idea what it's worth. It does ned a new battery but I've had that fitted before and it wasn't expensive.
  2. avatar Back Issues
    Ah, takes me back. Both the instrument and the shop. I bought my Casio CZ1000, CZ3000, Yamaha DX21 and Korg M1 from Marcus. Maybe the easiest shop to work with in the 80's and 90's.

    I saw bands using the ESQ1 but I never had any first hand experience of either the ESQ1 or SQ1+. Are the sounds mostly the late 80's usual pianos/strings/brasses that were doing the rounds? I know Adamski used one on "Killer".
  3. avatar ThePenguin
    I have no idea at all. I never really played it much in all these years I'm afraid, being useless entirely. I'm a guitarist (see my previous sentence). Wish I could help more.
  4. avatar ThePenguin
    For all you lovers of 90s sounds, BUMP.