1. avatar scorphonic
    My first post!
  2. avatar scorphonic
    Price Reduced to 300 sterling or 350 euro. Gorgeous guitar for silly money!
  3. avatar scorphonic
    I need to sell the guitar quickly so I'll drop the price further to 275 sterling or 330 euro. This guitar is in mint condition so you'll be getting a 650 euro guitar for a superb deal!! :D
  4. avatar scorphonic
    Bump! :)
  5. avatar scorphonic
    Further price reduction, 275 sterling or 320 euro.

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  6. avatar MiltonG565
    The lead that you are giving away with the guitar is a quality lead! I actually did a review on it- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiMp11WTgww

    Looks like a great guitar, and i would probably be interested if i had money, but i don't :( The stuff you are giving away with it is all quality stuff ,speaking from experience. (I can't comment on the guitar, but a mate had a fairly cheap Cort guitar before, and it was pretty good!)

    Good luck with the sale!
  7. avatar scorphonic
    Thanks a million Milton, your review was very informative..nice job! :)
  8. avatar MiltonG565
    Oh really? Cheers! In terms of real information, it pales in comparison to a lot of reviews, but it has some character to it.

    Hope you get this shifted soon :)
  9. avatar scorphonic
    Guitar still for sale, 300 euro gets you the lot, guitar accessories and unused acoustic carry bag to get it home!
  10. avatar scorphonic
    BUMP; for a superb, super clean and mint guitar for only 300 euro (approx 258 sterling)