1. avatar Denis Smyth
    Hey guys I am based in Belfast and am looking for a new band am into most types of music tbh I don't have a set genre that I would like to play the only thing I I won't consider is metal, metal core, hardcore that type of metal scremo ect I have a few songs that I've recordedon my iPod as demos am a rhythm player mostly I can do a bit lead but no mental solos or nothin like that lol i have been in bands since I was about 13 and have a truck load of recording experience am 25 now so doin this a long time if anyone would to hear the demo give me a shout
  2. avatar chilledoutdude
    Hi Denis,

    I mailed you a while back about getting together with your band at the time...

    Do you remember this..?


    Let me know if you're interested in playing guitar for this sort of music...

    I have loads more songs I want to work on...

  3. avatar Denis Smyth
    Hey dude hows it goin yea i remember do you have a back line as in bass drums etc its just am stepping away from tring to set things up as they never seem to work out so am trying to get into an already established band ya know if you have a backline id deffo work with ya
  4. avatar Denis Smyth