1. avatar EWCraig

    Alright folks! A wee bit of what we're up too this year! Most of your won't be interested but I'm sure someone will at least land in here to offer their witty opinion.

    As it stands at the minute we aren't the most established band in NI, far from it. We intend to gig steadily through the year as much as possible. No, we don't expect to headline many shows, we intend on supporting bands and working our way up the ladder. We want to breach Belfast very shortly and start pestering your wee heads with our lovely noise.

    Presently Black Sonnet only have a three track demo recorded in my garage by a friend, because we're poor and can't afford to go to a decent studio. In 2013 we don't want to release a typical 3 track "EP", as seems to be all the rage atm, but instead hope to bring out an album ranging from 8 to 10 songs. We will announce more on this as we get money and I stop reproducing.

    The last few months have mainly been me setting up different sites, emailing bars and clubs and sending our music into radio stations. Basically I'm trying to promote the balls out of us, as is what you'd expect a budding band from the arse end of no-where to be doing.

    We'd love folks to give us their opinions on us, their criticism and we'll apply it to what we're already doing. We want to progress as a band and not just collapse into nothingness.

    Thank you for reading this drivel,


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