1. avatar ryankozzi
    I have a pair of very decent PA speakers for sale. They were bought as backups and never used once.

    They are one PAIR of -

    Mc Gregor Audio Power Pro series 400w - PER CAB! (@8 ohm for max power)
    Handmade in Scotland - high UK brand quality. These speakers are highly rated.

    They feature -
    12" celestions, carpet covered, triple ply casing, speaker mounts on underside. Handles of both sides of casing. Not too big therefore very portable.

    They have a truly excellent bass response and a tight focused high end.
    can be heard with Behringer PMH 600w powered mixer (which complements them very well by the way!) They have really got some punch and retain clarity at extremely high volumes.

    Would suit gigging group, practising band etc....

    I originally was looking 160 quid [size=24:757372a5c6]now looking 130 cash[/size:757372a5c6] or your nearest offer. They are brand new. Bargain. Newtownabbey/Belfast area.

    PM me here if interested. or email me at -

    Thanks for looking :D

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  2. avatar ryankozzi
  3. avatar ryankozzi
  4. avatar cosmic_debris
    definitely interested, but i need to consult a few people first.
  5. avatar ryankozzi
    sure thing mate. in fact i would recommend using these with a powered mixer like my own. Its only a wee Behringer 10 channel 600w - but what a sound. i have played gigs to hundreds using it and these speakers do give a great sound combined. you can pick one up on ebay cheap. i dont recommend their speakers though they are a bit crap. (Behringer)
    These speakers would work well with any powered mixer setup up to 1200w or so with no distortion! thats a mean feat!

    Mc Gregor are a long established UK co. and their sound speaks for itself.

    I would take 150 for the pair if your quick.

    Its just that they are wasted sitting there and taking up to much room in my new home. plus, id rather see soemone getting use out of them, and at the price ive them down at they are an absolute bargain

    PM me for a mobile no when you figure out what the rest of the guys wanna do.

    kozz :wink:
  6. avatar ryankozzi
    But its strictly first come first served with these. :shock:
  7. avatar ryankozzi
    These are still going after a timewaster didnt turn up last night. Im surprised they aint gone yet as im taking the first 150 quid for BOTH the speakers that comes my way!
  8. avatar eazy_rider

    I replied re your Robbie thing. Was that a wind up? Haven't heard from you.

  9. avatar ryankozzi
    Nope not at all. Im planning on gigging it, and making a show of it too. Ill contact you soon as i want to consider all who are/have applying.

    speak soon dude.

    As per speakers, our washing machine is now ballaxed so im taking [size=24:ea4c875788]130 [/size:ea4c875788]for the speakers if someones quick.

  10. avatar gregoriavitch
    would these work ok with the PA head you sold me?
  11. avatar ryankozzi
    Very much so. Was it the wee Kustom one? Id so YES They are cracking speakers but i need them sold by Friday if i can. They are alot more powerful than the ones you got with it. Good upgrade actually. I used them with it for a while alot louder but still great clarity.
  12. avatar gregoriavitch
    erm.. it was the carlsbro cobra [url]http://www.fastfude.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3884[/url]

    shit... even if it did work together, i get paid thursday but i'm in england until late on sunday.

    if they're still here on monday, then grand; otherwise, good luck - i can't imagine you'll have too much problem shifting them!
  13. avatar ryankozzi
    Oh sorry pal, id bloody sold 2 heads recently.

    But even better. In fact yes they work even better with that. Its rated a dead on match to that wee amp and is a cracking setup. I had tried them together just before i sold it to you. i meant to sell the speakers with it originally but didnt know if they would still be req for the group. But now they aint. You can try them 2gether they are ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON.

    Tell you what - if you can assure me that youll take them monday you can have them for 120 seeing you bought the amp off me. It was a good wee amp that.
    PM me for my new number or forward me yours.

    They are cracking wee speakers, if you want a photo or two that no problem. you wont get better speakers for under 350 quid they are really dead good and in brand new cond.

  14. avatar gregoriavitch
    i don't think you could say fairer than that - cheers ryan, i'll definately take them.
    I'll PM you now with the number.

    amp [i:29b753e5b2]is[/i:29b753e5b2] pretty good - always lots of fun playing with the delay...

    delay - everything should have it.

  15. avatar ryankozzi
    Ok - i trust you as another guy if offering 110 for them but im taking the highest price and plus youve bought from me before and were an honest and good bloke. Being real honest - at this price man youll thank me as they really are spot on and bargain. If youve read my for sale posts especially re; PA youll know i dont buy crap.
    I just want to see someone use them rather than flogging them to those shitehawks in cash converters.

    Good show

  16. avatar ryankozzi
    Also the good news is that they also have 1/4 inch inputs so normal guitar leads will work rather than forking out 25 quid a lead for speakons which i consider crap as ive had more faults live with my Peavey speakon connectors at 30 quid a touch - grrrrrrrr.

    1/4 inch inputs - tried and tested - Forward thinking! :wink:



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  17. avatar ryankozzi

    Right the biz is thanks for all thar enquired -


    These are held until monday night for Greg as he assures me these are the job for him (ive heard them with his amp and they are a great wee setup)

    He offered 120 which is fair enough so unless he does not turn up (which i know he will) and nobody hears otherwise they are SOLD.

    watch the skies!

  18. avatar UnderPressure86
    are they sold yet? i mite b able to get 130 together once i speack to the other guys on sunday?
  19. avatar ryankozzi
    Provisionally yes. ill be meeting with the guy buying them on monday night. im 99.9% sure he is taking these but if not YOU will be the first to know underpressure. my word.