1. avatar SafeHands83
  2. avatar Conor889
    Hi man, im 24 and been playing guitar round 9 years. influences include: Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, jeff Buckley, ronny Jordan, al di meola, radiohead, blur, jamiroquai, little barrie, Paul weller etc. not much gigging experience but always up for trying to put my own stuff together, or add lead to other songs. where are you based?
  3. avatar SafeHands83
    Hey Conor Im based in Belfast? What about yourself? Do you have any lamples of your guitar playing etc?
  4. avatar Conor889
    Yea based in Belfast myself. I have some recordings I could send you. Do you have an email address I can send to? Cheers
  5. avatar SafeHands83
    Hey Conor I sent you a PM with my email address
  6. avatar SafeHands83
  7. avatar Le Sac Magique
    Sent a PM, not sure how that service is working though. Email is conroy.gerard@gmail.com, would be interested in this