1. avatar Matt Novak
    Well, is there? I'd love to put something together a little heavier than the normal function / wedding band, but still retain mainstream appeal to get people off their seats.

    A band that could play across the decades, from the 1960's to present. It could feature (in no particular order) the Stones, Van Halen, Led Zep, Who, Deep Purple, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Killers etc etc. I have a few setlists in mind for those who may be interested :)

    I'm a guitarist, 32 years old with about 17 years playing experience - including 5 years with a pro cover band playing c. 150 gigs per year. Have had residencies at the Hard Rock Cafe and the Czech Beer Festival, plus have been on national TV (in Prague where I used to live; although I'm orginally from London - long story). Own pro gear and have transport.

    So, is anyone out there who'd fancy discussing this further? I've no dreams of world domination, I'd just like to play a few gigs with like minded others.

    To take this forward the project would need a vocalist; bassist, drummer and either another guitarist or (ideally) someone on keys. Drop me a line on here if interested.


  2. avatar Glenn
    Probably yes but why only in belfast if you have transport?
  3. avatar MiltonG565
    The only way to know is to try it and see. If there is still any amount of demand for one, then yes, there's room. I enjoy a good covers band. Good luck with it!
  4. avatar wme_rocks
    Hey Matt, my name is Matt also! I am a 22 year old drummer who has played for about 8 or 9 years, I have played in previous covers band which expands bands such as the Stereophonics, Green Day, Led Zepplin etc. Would love to get a covers band together and do some shows. Let me know if your interested
  5. avatar JoePineapples
    There's always room for a good band, whatever they're playing, covers or originals
  6. avatar simonoun
    @Matt Novak

    with all that wealth of experience, why not start or join an original band? Seems like an awful thing to waste of your talents, playing covers for mere entertainment.

    That's just my opinion though...
  7. avatar flightstrip
    i think ul find that many people do cover bands (as i do) for the decent money thats on offer.
    its hardly a 'waste of talents playing covers'.u can be in a covers band AND do ur own stuff!!
  8. avatar Matt Novak
    Thanks all for the responses - I'd play with an originals band if the right one came along; for now though I'm just looking to get out and play. wme_rocks, thanks for your interest - I'll send you a pm when I get home.

    Any like minded bass players lurking on here?
  9. avatar Matt Novak
    Bump for bass player and drums. Maybe keys too?