1. avatar Bileofwood
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  2. avatar EWCraig
  3. avatar Bileofwood
  4. avatar Bileofwood
    Noone interested in a wee reverb?
  5. avatar Glenn
    I actually need this but I'm afraid of becoming a bigger wanker than I already am.
  6. avatar Bileofwood
    Well there's no bigger wanker than a failed wanker.

    If your fear is of becoming a bigger wanker then the only option you have left is to buy the pedal; currently your wanker status is set to "wannabe".
  7. avatar Glenn
    That's good advice man. Would you take £20 for it or is that trying too hard?
  8. avatar Bileofwood
    Ha! No.
  9. avatar Fuzz89
    Any trades or are trades for wankers also?
  10. avatar Bileofwood
    Depends what really.can't think of anything in particular.vb ,
  11. avatar Bileofwood
    Does anyone want to offer me £60 before I put this amazing bit of kit, which would be a credit to any musician, on eBay?
  12. avatar Fuzz89
    Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer (old style)

    Electo Harmonix Doctor Q (old style)

    Pfeiffer Electronics FuzzO V1

    Guyatone MC3

    Guyatone OD2
  13. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    i'll give you my left nut just to appease the singer/guitarist in my band who really wants one....
  14. avatar Bileofwood
    Fuzz - soorry, nothing there for me, interesting as they look.

    Hors - how much does it weigh? Is it the big one or the little one? Would I get any sack with it, or just pure nut?