1. avatar CdlC
    My first post!
    Drummer - Mid-20s - Belfast-based.

    Getting back in the game after taking time out to deal with issues stemming from an old injury, which are now sorted.
    Years of experience and can adapt to many styles.
    Influences range from Death Metal, to Soul, to Hip Hop, to 80's Cheese, to Japanese Rock, to Video-Game Music. Literally EVERYTHING, except Indie, obviously.

    It'd be note-worthy to add that I'm comfortable playing with a click-track and pretty fucking good at programming drums, synthes and samples. Nifty backing-vocalist and songwriter too.

    I'm fairly serious and passionate, but not to the point where the craic gets killed - There's always time to act like a Hallion.

    That's about it! If anybody fancies a jam, feel free to hit me up!
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  2. avatar Jaxe

    We're an originals rock band (singer, guitarist, bassist) and our last drummer just packed it in due to moving house. We practice in Belfast weekly (at least) and have a number of originals written. It's rock n roll, it's a bit bluesy at times but it's mostly upbeat and of a decent technical level. We're looking a tight drummer who can adapt to new material pretty fast.

    We'll be gigging in a few months. Providing we can find a drummer.

    PM me with your details if you're interested.

  3. avatar QuimShadey
    My first post!
    Guitarist/bassist here. Looking for a drummer to form a band. Influences are death, nevermore, opeth, cynic etc... my email is sohare1988@gmail.com get in touch if your interested in a jam or want to here some material.
  4. avatar CdlC