1. avatar Sadoldgit
    I`m looking for a cheap at least 8 xlr interface (enough to mic drums, bass , guitar , vox) and the only one I can see is the Tascam US-1800

    It comes with cubase which isnt my favourite software.
    I wondered if anyone knows of another cheap usb inteface offering a similar number of inputs?
  2. avatar FlashII
    You should check out the Zoom R16

  3. avatar Sadoldgit
    I have a Korg D3200 , that I love, but was thinking in the longer term of getting a small rack mount interface for live recording.
    The Korg isnt made anymore and I wouldnt want to bump it about moving it around too much.
  4. avatar Sadoldgit
    thanks for the headsup

    These are now down to £238 delivered by Gear4music

    Frankly as a tool to record live bands , thats a steal.

    I have ordered one as a a tool to record some stuff for my kid`s school

    Saves my more fragile gear.
  5. avatar compositecomposure
    I have a [url=http://www.gak.co.uk/en/line6-toneport-ux8/3984]Line 6 UX8[/url] I am selling, which has probably been used a dozen times and is in mint condition. It has the x8 XLR inputs you are after and comes with Line 6 Pod software plugin packages giving a huge range of amp/pedal/preamp/compressor modeling for bass, guitar and vocals to add to your DAW. But it sounds like you have already made your purchase...
  6. avatar Sadoldgit
    shame you hadnt contacted me sooner, as yes, already winging its way to me.