1. avatar tophat97
    Any one know anywhere thats close to the city center and doesnt cost and arm and a leg?
  2. avatar Swirlywurly
    Try rinkydinkstudios - they're on here somewhere.
  3. avatar Project Shabah
    Check out www.backlinestudios.co.uk, its beside connswater
  4. avatar nonemoreblack
    Eyesclosed, blackstaff mill, 20 quid for 3 hrs. Great gear, great room
  5. avatar Michael82FFL
  6. avatar sdyson
    as project shabah said.....check out www.backlinestudios.co.uk, it is a big enough room that comes equip with mics, amps, drumkit etc and it doesn't cost an arm or a leg. the guy who runs it is friendly and offers great advice to bands that are starting up.....