1. avatar Bileofwood

    Have a look see.

    If interested pls PM me here as Gumtree is being a bitch.
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    I was looking at that the other day wondering if you had sold it! unfortunately, i still can't afford it :( Good luck selling it anyway Bill! :)
  3. avatar Bileofwood
    Cheers Milton. I will point out that I am open to offers
  4. avatar MiltonG565
    If you still have it in a few weeks, i might be able to make you an offer. But right now, as much as i would like it, it's totally off the table.
  5. avatar Bileofwood
    I'm in no rush to sell - a guy offered me £200 a few days ago which I declined, naturally. Drop me a note on here or the Grizzly page sure.
  6. avatar MiltonG565
    Cheers man, i'll see how the money situation goes, and when i can afford to make an offer, i'll give you a shout.
  7. avatar MiltonG565
    The output for the extension cab- does it have minimum Ohm specified for it?
  8. avatar Bileofwood
    The "spiel" reads:

    "320 watts RMS with 8 ohm extension speaker"

    Make of that what you will.
  9. avatar Bileofwood
    I think you saw it at mine when you bought that OLP back off me - I should have given you a demo.
  10. avatar MiltonG565
    Yeah i saw it, but if i remember, you were on a break from work, and i had to rush home to leave my sister to work! I have a 4 ohm cab here that i thought might have done, apparently not.