1. avatar yopetheboi
    Arite folks!
    Couple of months ago we put together a belfast based Irish folky/punk group. we were nearly gig ready but our singer has recently left us. Anyways if anyone can sing and is up for it dont hesitate to pm me or write on this.

    We have a full band- Drums, Bass, guitar, accordion, banjo, mandolin.
    Were all roughly early 20s but age doesnt matter too much.
    We practice in Belfast- (blackstaff)
    We play alot of pogues, dropkick murphys, and think this would go down well on the rock circuit and in irish bars etc.
    we'd def consider writing tunes in the future. Its a bitta craic but would like to do well.

    Influences i suppose would range from The Pogues to dubliners to flogging molly, dropkicks etc etc.

    Please please dont hesitate if you fancy tryin it!
    Cheers guys!
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  4. avatar june
    Do you need a female vocalist?