1. avatar davey
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  2. avatar Rubbersoul
    Great rig - played through it at the Pavilion once. Massive sound. Good luck with the sale.
  3. avatar Conzilla
    How much could I buy it off you for? Need a new bass rig!
  4. avatar davey
    Hey Conzilla,

    Im looking for £400 or nearest offer for the lot!! I would maybe sell the Peavey Firebass 700w amp separately if you’re interested but would rather sell the whole rig at the same time. Let me know.

  5. avatar symeboy
    Is your rig still for sale Davy?
  6. avatar symeboy
    Is your ris still for sale Davey? Cheers, Simon
  7. avatar davey
    Hey Simon, yes the rig is still for sale! Ive sent you a PM with my contact details! Cheers
  8. avatar Jonny Mumra
    My first post!
    Hey, would you be willing to sell thew 4x10 on its own? If so, what would you want for it? Cheers, Jonny.
  9. avatar davey
    Hey Jonny,

    Sorry the whole thing has been sold at the end of last week! Cheers!
  10. avatar Plain Zebra
  11. avatar AngryPaddy
    Great rig