1. avatar mutatismutandis
    Hi, I'm 23, based in Belfast. Experienced Guitarist and Bassist inc. teaching. Play a bit of synth also. Been involved in several projects in the past and had some ni airplay. Looking to do a bit of gigging asap. Eclectic taste in music, currently listening to the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, OFWGKTA etc, but am into everything from Hendrix, Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, RATM to Daft Punk,Soulwax etc. Own transport and gear. Give me a shout if interested.


  2. avatar Bileofwood
    Sent you a PM there.

    Looking for a bassist mainly, but having some extra synth and 6 string might be fun.
  3. avatar Jdmusic
    The day of the 4 part band has come to an end. Looking at the top artists/bands, whether it be album sales or in the charts, everybody brings something new to the table, whether it be inserted electronically or by adding voices/instrumentation.

    I am a 20 year old drummer/music student, looking to recruit musicians to start a modern indie/alternative band and start breaking through the music scene and offer something original from Belfast.
    Looking for..
    - Male vocalist
    - Female vocalist
    - Guitarist
    - Bassist
    - Keys/Synth
    - Brass section or small section of instruments.

    Send a private message if your thinking the same direction. Already have some interest shown.

  4. avatar SinnerFalls
    check yer inbox boyo
  5. avatar RevolverRooms
    Hi there, delectable mellow are after an addition to the band. We have our own practice space with quality gear. We play funk/rock/ hiphop stuff and the odd acoustic number.
    All originals
    We are also getting a bunch of songs together to play twice a month for decent cash.
    If ya want to hear some stuff check out delectable mellow on Facebook or YouTube.
    We've been together a short while but have plenty of gigs lined up.
    Get in touch on 07597568887 if you are up for it.
    We have similar influences aswell.
  6. avatar Sass
    Delectable mellow are a smashing band with some great tunes!!!! get in there with them :D