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    My first post!
    Hey I am looking to sell my Bugera 333xl infinium with 300 quid. I bought it 7 months ago from thomann and paid 380quid. The reason why i am selling is that I have to move. I am selling my harley benton 12x2 cabinet as well with 100 quid. If you buy both at the same time it would be 350 quid. Both of the cabinet and guitar amp is in excellent condition. I still have the original box and everything. Here is the description for the amp and cabinet -



    this is a quick sale so. Get before i move out. thank u
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    Pm'd you regarding the cab!
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    Kind of beating a dead horse here, but I've been bigging up Bugera amps for years on here, I've a 6260 and have had it for the past 5 years and its still on its factory tubes and going strong. These are good amps.