1. avatar josie
    My first post!
    Hi there. Can anyone recommend a graphic designer for help with album artwork, and someone who can possibly also take some photos. many thanks.
  2. avatar The Donk
    I'd give you help with this project. I usually just do illustrations these days, but I'm not afraid of album cover and liner notes design.

    You can contact me via Facebook or tumblr at DNK image.
  3. avatar davey
    Hey Man, try Fifth Limb Design in Derry. Its Big Marty Doherty lead singer of the band 'Here Comes the landed Gentry' who runs it! He has done a load of album covers and supplies most of the venues in Derry with their gig posters!! Try the link below to see if you can access it, if not find him on facebook and he’ll send you some examples, he’s also very cheap for the work he produces!!! Hope this helps.

  4. avatar MSB Mastering
    I've duplicated many disks with artwork designed by Fiaz Farrelly, and all have been excellent. Get in touch with him at ffarrellydesign@gmail.com. He's a great photographer too.
  5. avatar elijahmaine
    My first post!
    Is that a bulk work? I am a graphic designer and we provide [url=http://www.superbuzz.ca/]web design for small businesses[/url] service. You might want us to work with this project, just send me private message. Thanks
  6. avatar Paul Vee
    Hi, I do band photos and some album art.

    check out my co's web and Facebook pages.

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/pages/LIVEi/178658242253503?ref=hl]LIVE:i Facebook[/url]

    [url=http://www.livei.co.uk/]LIVE:i Web page[/url]

    We offer very competative rates.
  7. avatar blackslatestudios
    My first post!
    I own a small web design and graphics company located in Vancouver, Canada. I would very much like to work an artist to create a music website or complete some graphic design projects. Take a look at my [url=http://www.blackslatestudios.com]web design vancouver company portfolio[/url] here, and get in touch should you be interested in allowing me to help you. Thank you.
  8. avatar HelenaKillen
    My name is Helena Killen, I am a photographer/artist. Available for live photography and on site photo shoots. Located in Downpatrick but will travel to the greater Belfast area.

    Will do live band photography and on site photo shoots for £10 per band member.
    Travel costs may be required depending on location.
    I also have art available to sell and can do commission pieces if interested.

    You can check out some of my work at:

    you can also e-mail me at: