1. avatar TalkShowMan
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  2. avatar wannabeflea
    What version is the EHX Q-tron? If it's the older style big box one I'll take it.
  3. avatar The Donk
    Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff
    Electro Harmonix Q-Tron

    Would you take £40 for these?

  4. avatar TalkShowMan
    Just to clarify (thanks to wannabeflea), it's a EHX Micro Q-Tron, small case a la Little Big Muff.

    @The Donk, offer duly noted, let me get back to you.
  5. avatar Boon
    Where are you? interested in a few items and all the pedals
  6. avatar Boon
    Where are you? interested in a few items and all the pedals
  7. avatar TalkShowMan
    @Boon, South Belfast, just round corner from QUB
  8. avatar TalkShowMan
    EDIT - double post
  9. avatar Setzer
  10. avatar ChrisAftermath
    Pm'd RE: Alesis monitors.
  11. avatar Zifor
    Hey ,
    I am very much interested in the Bluebird. please contact me at ghredpath@hotmail.com
  12. avatar remedy malahide
    Happy to pay the full £25 for the little big muff if still available.

  13. avatar TalkShowMan
    @ Remedy - Someone has their eye on the pedal but if it falls through I'll let you know straight away.

    @ Zifor - still available, sending you an email now
  14. avatar gub
    Q tron still there?
  15. avatar TalkShowMan
    It is indeed
  16. avatar ChrisAftermath
    If the monitors are still available can you drop me a mail cbrady13@googlemail.com
    Not 100% if pms are sending.
  17. avatar gub
    good stuff, pm me what's handy and we'll meet!...
  18. avatar remedy malahide
    Cheers mate, sure keep me posted.
  19. avatar TalkShowMan
    @ gub - PM'd
    @ Chris - Emailed
  20. avatar paudistonemason
    Can I dibs the delay? I'll be up round the Queens area all next week so can meet you then.
  21. avatar TalkShowMan
  22. avatar ablespacer
    pm-ed about the fat funker. johnisable@hotmail.co.uk
  23. avatar TalkShowMan
    Replied to your email, squire
  24. avatar TalkShowMan
  25. avatar TalkShowMan
    Bump for updates and price drops. Once again, if something catches your eye I'm open to offers, thanks for all the replies thus far.
  26. avatar dertydevil
    hi im interesed in your beech custom,give me a call on 07518699374-cheers
  27. avatar Setzer
    Replied to your email.
  28. avatar FreshBeans
    Do ya have focus rite 26?
    07597568887 if you do...
    Cheers mate
  29. avatar TalkShowMan
    @ FreshBeans - thanks for the interest, someone else has dibs on the focusrite at the mo but if there's any change you'll be the first to know.
  30. avatar bpj
    if you still have the rockstand and its in good condition, i'll take it
  31. avatar TalkShowMan
    Rockstand has been sold, just updated the list, apologies.
  32. avatar Cormacokane
    My first post!
    Hi there i could offer you £600 for the 428 and pickup tomorrow if interested.
  33. avatar MalSass
    Hi, is the Bluebird still available?
  34. avatar TalkShowMan
    @MalSass - it certainly is, let me know if you're interested and I'll fire you my details.
  35. avatar adamb1026
    Hey man, do you still have M Audio Key Station with the stand?

    I am in Botanic, so can pick it up easily.

  36. avatar MalSass
  37. avatar TalkShowMan
    @ Adamb1026 - replied to you on twitter, someone has dibs on it at the mo.
    @ MalSass - PM'd back
  38. avatar TalkShowMan
    Approaching final bum page as this stuff NEEDS to go at this stage, make me an offer I can't refuse...
  39. avatar TalkShowMan
    I could fix that previous typo, but I won't.
  40. avatar Cormacokane
    Hi is the 428 gone?
  41. avatar TalkShowMan
    @ Cormacokane - sorry for delay, isa is still available at the mo, let me know if you need any details.
  42. avatar Motor Sounds Records
    Is the tension watch available?
  43. avatar TalkShowMan
    @ Motor Sounds Records - someone currently has dibs on it and they seem keen, keep you posted though if things change in your favour.
  44. avatar TalkShowMan
  45. avatar TalkShowMan