1. avatar yopetheboi
    Need a tin whistle player for a near full line up including drums bass electric guitar vocals, accordion and banjo.
    Play alot of pogues and dropkicks covers and looking to get gigging soon.
    If you play dont be afraid to give us a shout, lads or women. Its a bitta fun.
    were all roughfully early 20s.
    Cheers :)
  2. avatar trickp.a.
  3. avatar yopetheboi
    sorry always forget that.... its based in Belfast where we normally jam once a week n blackstaff!
  4. avatar yopetheboi
  5. avatar danbastard
    I'm a guitarist and singer who has a bunch of songs ready to go, forget yer covers. I will not only sing and play guitar for this project, i'll write all your songs. get in touch.
  6. avatar yopetheboi
    no, ya cheeky fucker. Weve already a singer and enuf guitarists.
    any tin whistlers? lol
  7. avatar CountyClareMusic
    My first post!
    Well Im a whistle / low whistle player.
    Whats the story?
  8. avatar niall-mc
    I've been trying to get something like this going for years, was arsing about with a few part timers last year but nothing doing, kept messaging them but gave up, play banjo, guitar and bass :p
  9. avatar june
    Do you need a vocalist- I love this genre!