1. avatar joe-bangles
    I have a piece of music recorded that I'd like to pair up with a short piece of animation and was wondering if any animators had something they'd like to pair up with a song?

    The song itself is an acoustic, sombre wee number. I don't want to post it here just yet but will happily share with anyone who thinks they'd like to collaborate.

    So if you have something you think you'd like to share, leave a contact below or drop me a PM here.

  2. avatar davey
    Hey Man, you should get in contact with Big Gun. I've worked with them before in a former band and they might have something you could use!! Great guys to work with also! www.biggun.tv

    Good luck!
  3. avatar joe-bangles
    Cheers Davey.
    Will look into that.
  4. avatar MSB Mastering
    I'd look into ben's work: